NGL Markets in North America

PCC began providing NGL Markets in North America, its flagship service, to domestic and international clients in 1988. This service provides comprehensive and detailed supply/demand forecasts for ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and natural gasoline for major regional markets in the US and Canada. The time horizon for short term forecasts is 18 to 24 months; PCC updates its short term forecasts monthly. The time horizon for long term forecasts is 10-15 years and PCC updates long term supply/demand and price forecasts annually. In addition to formal market analyses and forecasts, our clients also benefit from informal phone and email discussions regarding issues of current or long term strategic importance.

Clients with interests in midstream, petrochemical and refining industries, petroleum products marketing, and petroleum products distribution and logistics utilize ongoing market analyses, supply/demand, and price forecasts for a broad array of crude oil and petroleum products.

NGL Markets in North America presents in-depth analyses and forecasts for natural gas liquids. This ongoing retainer service provides clients with short-term and long-term supply/demand forecasts, price forecasts, and economic analyses for crude oil, natural gas, refined products, natural gas liquids, and primary petrochemicals. The service provides our clients with valuable insights into the important fundamental factors and influences that determine pricing trends for the full array of petroleum and petrochemical products.

NGL Markets in North America goes beyond simple updates of basic supply/demand statistics. The intent of this service is to provide clients with insight into the ever changing dynamics and economic interactions between feedstocks, petrochemicals, refined products. In the Gulf Coast ethylene feedstock market, all feedstocks compete with each other but the intensity of competition changes over time. This service strives to answer important questions such as “how long will ethane rejection persist?” and “how much propane inventory is held in unreported secondary & tertiary storage facilities?”

PCC recognizes the importance of understanding the fundamentals of the various markets and the importance of regional supply/demand trends. Clients benefit from the regional approach to supply/demand analysis and price forecasting by Petral’s insight into the importance of the regional distribution system and constraints.

For more information, please email Mr. Lippe to request the detailed review of scope and content of this ongoing service.